Shrikant Rao - Bangalore

Item Purchased: Curtains for Interior Decoration

" HOME LINE TEAM is the perfect place to buy the right item at affordable prices. The curtains I purchased were absolutely perfect for my interior. They provide you with a variety of options with different colors, fabrics, and budget. They suggest the best for you. Very happy with their services. "
Baleeshwaraiah E - Pune

Item Purchased: Mattress for Home

" We were quite satisfied with the collection of mattress on HOME LINE TEAM, and the detailed product information provided for each product guaranteed that I took the best to my home. They provide proper assistance while buying the product and explain the best features in detail. "
Deepak Vasishtha - Karnataka

Item Purchased: Wallpapers for New Home

" They contain a vast number of products with many varieties , with simple access to all the products catalog makes them more easy for customers. Even the packaging and distribution is commendable. "
Satish Vasishta - Bangalore

Item Purchased: Artificial Grass for Garden Area

" The artificial grass definitely gave our home a fresh elegance and was congratulated a lot by us. The grass in our garden looks amazingly natural. I thank your honesty with a 3-point cheer to HOME LINE TEAM. "