Frequently Asked Questions

An interior designer works closely with architects for the interior design and has a good deal of engineering experience. Interior decoration, on the other side, is the decoration of a particular space that works within its functionality with beautiful or fashionable things.

Instead of imposing proposals or wishes on an individual, an interior designer is designed to achieve an atmosphere not only elegant but also stylish and attractive with 100 % customer satisfaction.

Consulting an interior designer would always save your money and time. Making a space look more valuable and elegant needs expert advice.

The architect deals with the functions of the building's exterior coat, i.e. external walls, roof, etc. while the design and specification of inner surfaces, furniture, or fabric are handled by the interior designer.

You must have some kind of inspiration in mind before you choose any designer to start any design project. If you know which designs you are constantly attracted to, it should be fairly easy to find a muse.

Sure, that’s why we are here! If you have no idea of what you need, we can help you with the perfect choices of interior options from which we can choose the one best for your space.

Being clear about what you want is always a good idea! Before starting, just discuss with your designer what you want for your space and what you don’t but still, you should be open to the suggestions too as they are experts for a reason.

Sustainable materials are a new trend that provides a flexible, durable, versatile, and easy-to-repair design.

Definitely! This is the most fun and challenging part that we love to do for our clients. We are impeccably interested in integrating modern style with your favorite furniture.

The sample board is much like the mood board but contains a well-thought-out combination of actual products. Generally, if you hire a designer to prepare the project, you get sample boards. You will also get a list of shopping items, shopping places, and costs in a sample board that is not included in the mood board.

Yes, we have a wide range of fabric and wallpaper catalog for our customers to choose the best design and fabric from them.

Home Line is the only brand that is promising a warranty for a duration of upto one year on on-site services.

It depends on what you are looking for. A good interior designer would know how best to distribute funds, especially if versatility is not possible.

Bring a designer into the squad initially, so that they can instruct you on what to ask and how to talk to the architects. The bidding and negotiating process can also be guided by the designers which can help you save a lot.

Both applicable taxes are included in our rates. No more than the values mentioned on the website will be billed and the costs are genuine. The payments can be made complying with the comfort of our customers.

Depending on the area and type of room the interior designers in India can charge INR 40-400 per square foot. The interior designers will charge anywhere from 4 to 6 lakhs, depending on the scope and the job to be completed, for a 2 BHK flat or an area of 1000 square feet.

The solution to keeping your expenses up-to - date is to preserve the budget for your item line up and track all transactions. It is just as convenient to build a checklist in one column of estimates and other real expenditures.

Charging a minimum fee in the initial meeting ensures that the person is sincere and that they don't want suggestions or technical free advice from an expert.